Big Data

Big Data being used to help track, study coronavirus

In a global pandemic, it can be hard for scientists, policymakers and governments to effectively communicate accurate information about complex topics to the general public, but the growing field of data science and analytics is helping to make information easier to understand.

Apr 20, 2020

Big Data Month event to focus on understanding the FOIA process

The Freedom of Information Act has been used as a way for the general public to encourage transparency from governments, corporations and organizations. An upcoming event on September 27 will explore the mechanics of writing and submitting a FOIA request. FOIA-Fest is one of this year's Big Data Month events occurring at Grand Valley throughout the month of September.

Sep 20, 2018

Big Data Month events to focus on FOIAs, health care, climate change and more

The benefits of data analysis in areas such as journalism, climate change, health care and even analyzing ancient Greek texts, will be examined during multiple Big Data Month events at Grand Valley throughout September.

Aug 31, 2018