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GVSU ends COVID-19 vaccination requirement, asks new students to report immunizations

Grand Valley leaders sent the following announcement to the campus community:

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Grand Valley community has been diligent in our mitigation strategies and efforts to keep Lakers safe. At the surge of the pandemic, GVSU joined many other higher education institutions and implemented a vaccine requirement as a public health measure.

As our global understanding of COVID-19 has evolved and our public health efforts appropriately shift, GVSU continues with transitional plans. Keeping community health and safety a priority, please note the following:

GVSU officially ends its COVID-19 vaccination requirement for students, faculty and staff, effective today, April 3.

After April 28, the vaccine exemption email account ([email protected]) will be discontinued. Due to federal regulations at health care organizations, students in health and health-related programs who have placements will still be required to receive the COVID vaccine or follow the exception process outlined on the health compliance website.

Beginning with the Fall 2023 semester, all incoming first-year and new undergraduate transfer students will be asked to report their status for immunizations that offer increased protection from many vaccine-preventable diseases and outbreaks.  

  • The form is easy to fill out if students have a copy of their immunization record. More information can be found on the GVSU Health Hub website.
  • Questions related to student vaccine reporting can be sent to [email protected].
  • GVSU strongly recommends, but does not require, that students are up to date on the recommended Centers for Disease Control and American College Health Association vaccinations. If interested, upper-class and graduate students may also report their vaccination status.

Recommended vaccines are available at the Campus Health Center (Allendale), and theGVSU Family Health Center.   

In the spirit of Lakers Together, let’s remember to show care and compassion in the days and weeks ahead. For more information about the new student vaccination reporting procedure, please visitthe vaccination policy webpage.