Faculty member expects creativity shown during switch to online learning to have lasting impact

Chris Harper
Chris Harper, affiliate faculty of practice for the GVSU School of Accounting

A tablet that allows Chris Harper to write as if writing on a whiteboard has been a boon not only for his online courses but has even been helpful to in-person students, he said.

That simple technology is an example of the creativity that has emerged from the pandemic-forced pivot to online learning, said Harper, affiliate faculty of practice for the GVSU School of Accounting.

He said he sees that creativity having an enduring effect.

"What we're going to see come out of this — there's going to be flexibility available for the modern student," Harper said.

Harper said a positive he has seen from this experience is that students understood the class circumstances during the pandemic were not ideal, but they were appreciative of how faculty members adjusted. He is also encouraged by his colleagues' outlook throughout.

"One of the things I like is how student-centric it has been trying to maintain the student experience," Harper said.

Harper and fellow faculty members have found numerous ways to optimize the learning experience and connection to students as they conduct classes virtually. GVNext will be showcasing their stories. If you or a colleague are using innovative methods for virtual teaching, let us know.

Watch Harper talk about his experience in the video below.