Virus Action Team update: Most common COVID-19 symptom in GVSU community is runny nose

Patient about to swab nose for COVID-19 test.
Image Credit: Amanda Pitts

Recently, members of the GVSU Virus Action Team reviewed data from the daily online self-assessment to identify any relationship between COVID-19 reported symptoms and positive tests.

For individuals testing positive in the GVSU community, the most common symptom for COVID was a runny nose or nasal congestion, reported by 76.1 percent of those who tested positive. 

The next two most common symptoms were “feeling significantly more tired than usual” (59.8 percent) and a sore throat (47.9 percent).

December Testing Information

Invitations for surveillance testing are being sent to students in face-to-face courses (using Banner information), faculty teaching those courses and staff indicated by appointing officers to be working on campus. GVSU continues to conduct a handful of face-to-face courses related to training for future health professionals, consistent with current state orders.

The invitations are being sent out weekly. Appointments can be made for Monday or Tuesday downtown or Tuesday-Thursday in Allendale. There will be appointment options available late in the day on Wednesdays.

Individuals who have symptoms, or a known exposure, should use the daily online self-assessment to report, so they can be directed to testing at our separate clinic on the Allendale Campus.

Data related to the testing program can be found on GVSU's data dashboard.

More information can be found at