New website showcases Grand Valley Magazine

magazine cover, spring 2018
The spring issue of Grand Valley Magazine will arrive in mailboxes soon.
Image Credit: Bernadine Carey-Tucker

The spring issue of Grand Valley Magazine will soon arrive in mailboxes; read the latest feature and news articles now on the redesigned website,

John Records Landecker, Hall of Fame radio broadcaster, earns a diploma 40 years after dropping out of college.

• Students associated with the Division of Inclusion and Equity discuss how they found their place on campus and are ready for success.

• Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool, especially when it comes from family members who have attended Grand Valley.

The team at aMDI builds and tests new product ideas that could better human health and well-being.

Junior Ethan Mulnix chases storms around the country with his severe weather team, collecting data to help advance life-saving weather warnings.

Watch a video of members of the fencing team spar for a photoshoot.