Alumni Updates-Careers Summer 2014



William J. VanderZouwen Jr., B.A., 1979, is the regional representative for Michigan Pheasants Forever.



James P. Meerman, B.S., 1983, was inducted into the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Thomas E. Santarlas, B.S., 1989, is a deputy chief of police in Florida.



Kimberly A. Komdeur, B.A., 1990, is a major gift officer for the American Red Cross.

Tammie A. Brainard, B.S., 1992, is an assurance services manager for Weber O’Brien Ltd.

Patricia J. Taylor, B.S., 1992, was named the 2014 Grand Valley Hospitality & Tourism Management Outstanding Alumni of the Year.

Craig A. Meyer, B.S., 1999, is a tenure-track professor at Texas A&M-Kingsville.

Craig M. Rhoton, B.S., 1999, is an real estate agent for Keller Williams Northville.



Jenny E. Akroyd, B.A., 2001, was named Teacher of the Year by Achieve Virtual Education Academy in Indianapolis.

Melissa A. DeWild, B.A., 2002, was featured in the National Library Journal as a “mover and shaker” in the industry.

Joshua P. Leng, B.B.A., 2002, co-founded Michigan Media Network.

Ann Marie Klotz, B.A., 2002, is the dean of campus life at the New York Institute of Technology.

Mackenzie J. Roberts-Lauer, B.B.A., 2002, is the manager of the Nissan rotational development program at Nissan North America.

Joel A. Schipper, B.S., 2003, is a news anchor for News 13 in Orlando, Florida.

Kevin L. Vanderklok, B.B.A., 2004, is the executive director for Camp Geneva.

Thomas J. Van Cleave, B.S., 2005, is the interim co-director of study abroad for Iona College.

Adam R. Bird, B.A., 2006, was nominated for the Young Entrepreneur Award at the 2014 EPIC Awards.

Megan M. Eding, B.A., 2006, is a credit analyst for First Interstate Bank.

John R. Huebler, M.P.A., 2006, is the assistant dean for advancement for the College of Architecture, Design and the Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Roberta F. King, M.S., 2007, published a memoir, He Plays a Harp.

Kimberly N. Wolting, B.A., 2007, is the design lead for Elevator Up in Grand Rapids.

Karin C. Armbruster, B.A., 2008, is a reporter at the Big Rapids Pioneer.

Heather C. Johnson, B.S., 2008, is a medical records and billing specialist for Maxim Healthcare Services.

Timothy C. Bulson, M.S., 2009, is the director of community relations at St. Ann’s Home in Grand Rapids.

Philip J. Grumm, B.A., 2009, is a curator of digital learning for The Henry Ford museum.

Amy L. Sawade, B.S., 2009, M.S., 2013, is the communications manager for Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in Grand Rapids.



Mercedes Barragan, B.A., 2010, was a Hispanic Young Professional of the Year nominee.

Mark R. Breon, M.H.A., 2010, is the community relations officer for Lake Michigan Credit Union in Grand Rapids.

Katie M. Chittenden, B.S., 2010, is an occupational therapist for Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services.

Ian C. Kirkwood, B.S., 2010, is the assistant general manager for City Flats Hotel.

Laura F. Nekola, B.B.A., 2010, is a business manager for Dunn Industries.

Jordan L. Notenbaum, B.B.A., 2010, received the Young Entrepreneur Award for his business, Genius Phone Repair, at the 2014 EPIC Awards.

Kimberly Shine, B.A., 2010, is a television reporter for WICD News Channel 15 in Champaign, Illinois.

Garry J. Vonmyhr, B.B.A., 2010, received the Young Entrepreneur Award for his business, Genius Phone Repair, at the 2014 EPIC Awards.

Cody M. Eding, B.S., 2011, is an IT manager for Casper Star-Tribune Communications.

Heather M. Knouse, B.S., 2011, is a wellness coordinator for Porter Hills Retirement Communities and Services.

Michael J. Goorhouse, M.P.A., 2011, is the president and CEO for the Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area.

Jack T. Peaphon, B.S., 2011, was named the 2014 Grand Valley Hospitality & Tourism Management Emerging Alumnus of the Year.

Zachery T. Spillner, B.S., 2011, is a business development manager for the Addison Group in Chicago, Illinois.

Jennifer M. Doering, B.S., 2012, is a therapist for Comprehensive Early Autism Services.


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