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Headshot of Henry Pena

Henry Pena

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Before returning to GVSU to pursue my DNP degree I worked as a registered nurse, clinical educator, clinical implementation specialist, and clinical program manager. I currently work as a graduate assistant for KCON, serve as the current president for the KCON Graduate Student Organization, current president of the Multicultural Student Nurses Organization (MSNO) cofounded in 12/2022, and a current Cook Leadership Academy fellow. My work experience, course of study, and passion for interprofessional collaboration and quality improvement will lend itself well to a team-oriented pursuit of an enhanced graduate student experience and community. In addition, my work with DEIJ initiatives in the KCON GSO has made me passionate for ensuring an equitable and inclusive graduate student experience. 

Vice President

Headshot of Vaishnavi Rasane

Vaishnavi Rasane

Master of Science in Applied Computer Science

I am Vaishnavi Rasane, pursuing a Master's degree in Applied Computer Science at Grand Valley State University.  I'm running for Vice President in the GSA e-board election because I believe I have strong leadership skills as well as experience managing teams and projects. I am currently employed as a Graduate Assistant in the Visual and Media Arts department, where I have proven the ability to lead projects and work both independently and collaboratively with faculty from diverse backgrounds. I am well-organized and capable of handling numerous tasks at once. I am committed to promoting and advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion within the graduate student community.

Administrative Officer

Headshot of Narelle Hickmon

Narelle Hickmon

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

I am a highly motivated and progress-focused graduate assistant with a psychology and criminal justice background. With a track record of initiative and dependability, I have served in leadership capacities as a former student-athlete, captain, and sustainability captain of my respective teams, and a graduate assistant. I am a capable and consistent problem-solver skilled at prioritizing and managing projects with proficiency. I have proven to be effective and collaborative with strong interdisciplinary communication talents. I enjoy collective brainstorming sessions which allow me to coordinate activities to achieve a common goal. I believe my background and achievements make me an excellent candidate for service on the GVSU Graduate Student Association. 

Finance Officer

Headshot of Paul Warutumo Wachiuri

Paul Warutumo Wachiuri

Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics 

I have a strong background in Finance having qualified as a Financial Analyst. I have a BSc. in Actuarial Science and M.Sc. in Applied Statistics. I have served as an executive committee member of the Institute of Certified Financial Investment Analyst, Kenya (ICIFA, Kenya). I have also served as a volunteer at The Kenya Scouts Association Programs department and St. John Ambulance as an Emergency Medical Technician which has given me experience in dealing with multicultural and diverse people. As an international graduate student, I look forward to serving the GSA to realize its mission and vision statement and facilitating an enabling environment for the members to become holistic global citizens.

Communications Officer

Headshot of Jhon Kerby Gerlin

Jhon Kerby Gerlin

Master of Business Administration

I was born in Haiti, in a small northern town called Gros-Morne. I'm the oldest of 3 children. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2016 at the University Center for Management and Productivity in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Since graduating I've worked for more than eight years in finance and accounting. I'm currently attending an MBA program at Grand Valley State University for two years and I'm also the current vice president of the Graduate Student Association (GSA). I've held several leadership positions in the past at University, work, school, and church; I'm very devoted. 

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