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GVSU Biology Student Awarded Grant

April 12, 2021

GVSU Biology Student Awarded Grant

GVSU is one of 11 academic affiliate Michigan Space Grants Consortium (MSGC) institutions in Michigan. MSGC provides funding for research and educational opportunities for students, faculty, and staff in the form of seed grants, program grants, and fellowships.

Maggie Petersen is a hardworking biology student working at the Annis Water Resources Institute who was recently awarded an MSGC grant to continue her research on Microplastic feeding and sub-lethal effects on Yellow Perch. The image attached is a photo of microplastic particles embedded in fish food to be administered during the test.

We asked Maggie why she picked this topic. Her response:

"I worked for a number of years in an environmental toxicology laboratory before returning to my studies for this Master's program with Annis Water Resources Institute. I have been interested in molecular tools for ecology applications since my undergraduate degree and this project is a great synthesis of these two topics. It will allow me to expand on my toxicology experience in a completely novel way while providing bench experience in molecular techniques. This is a growing area of the field and I love that I will be able to bring this experience back to my work." 

Congratulations Maggie! Keep up the great work!

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