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Graduate Student Writes Blog for Non-Profit Leaders

August 10, 2020

Graduate Student Writes Blog for Non-Profit Leaders

Tamela Spicer, a graduate student in the Master of Social Innovation program, has developed a new blog titled "Change" based on research conducted in one of her courses. The blog focuses on non-profit organizations and the need to develop resiliency among leaders.

Spicer is currently serving as Program Manager for the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy and is pursuing a second master’s degree in Social Innovation. Her blog focuses on the need for non-profit organizations and their leaders to foster resiliency and build capacity in the face of the destabilizing effects of the COVID-19 Epidemic. Spicer writes, “Crisis can create space for new opportunities as it makes the status quo untenable and creates the sense of urgency needed to drive change.” More of Spicer’s "Change"blog click below is available through the Johnson Center's website.

Capacity Building for Resilience:

Part 1: Stories of Creative Capacity Amidst COVID-19.

Part 2: Adapting to a VUCA Environment.

Part 3: Don’t let this crisis go to waste.

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