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BMS Student Represents GVSU at MAGS Regional 3MT Competition

April 18, 2017

BMS Student Represents GVSU at MAGS Regional 3MT Competition

Samantha MacKay, a student in the Biomedical Sciences graduate program and winner of GVSU’s 2017 Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition, recently represented Grand Valley at the Michigan Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) regional 3MT event. Samantha’s thesis, The Effects of Long Term Exposure to an Estrogen Mimic: From Crayfish to You, has been presented in multiple settings, including the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Meeting , the Behavioral Ecological Toxicology Symposium and with the Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters. Her motivation for this topic came from her interest in investigating the effects of chronic nonylphenol exposure at current EPA levels that may lead to effects that are not limited to lab conditions and animal models. Samantha’s most recent presentation of her thesis took place at the MAGS annual conference in April 2017 in Indianapolis, IN where she gave an excellent three minute presentation of her graduate research. Congratulations to Samantha on this achievement and for representing graduate education at GVSU.

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