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Graduate Student with Three Master's Degrees Launches Counseling Practice

June 29, 2020

Graduate Student with Three Master's Degrees Launches Counseling Practice

Lauren Presutti is a recent 2020 graduate who just launched a counseling practice called Presutti Counseling. Lauren has obtained three GVSU master’s degree over the course of 6 years. She completed her undergraduate degree at Central Michigan University in 2014 and then immediately moved to Grand Rapids to begin her Master of Education degree, Educational Specialist degree, and Master of Social Work degree. She received a 4.0 grade point average in all three programs.

Lauren did not plan to earn three graduate degrees, however, her experience with GVSU was so impactful that she felt the desire to continue her education. She originally saw herself in a career in college student affairs, but her interests quickly expanded and she sought to study educational leadership in higher education and K-12 settings.

While obtaining her Educational Leadership degree, Lauren recognized that she was passionate about mental health and working with individuals with disabilities. She has been personally impacted by these topics through her experiences battling muscular dystrophy. She has used a wheelchair for her entire life and has seen that there is a need for mental health services specifically for this population. Because she had interest in so many different areas, Lauren decided to explore every area she was passionate about which lead her to obtain her master’s degree in Social Work.

Throughout her time as a GVSU graduate student, Lauren worked as a Graduate Assistant for two different offices on campus and served as the president for the Graduate Student Association for one year. She received multiple awards from The Graduate School for academic excellence and projects. She held leadership roles in other areas across campus as well.

When Lauren was nearing graduation, she had opportunities to work in various settings, but she decided she wanted to determine what her own work would look like and wanted to create her own success. This led her to open her own private practice to focus on populations she is very passionate about.

Lauren’s practice provides online counseling for anyone residing in the state of Michigan. She works with teens, young adults, college students, and adults on various mental health concerns in addition to individuals with disabilities and their families. She considers it a privilege to be a therapist and has found that the work she is doing is her true life purpose.

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