Soccer Tournament Waiver

This is a legally binding release made to Grand Valley State University. I fully recognize that there are dangers and risks to which I may be exposed by participating in Soccer Tournament 2024, an event sponsored by the Grand Valley State University Office of Student Life. I understand the University cannot guarantee my personal safety while I am participating in this event. I understand that there are dangers and risks associated with all physical activity including the risk of physical injury, and that during this event, I may be invited to participate in a variety of physical activities. During this event, I understand I will be running and participating in a contact sport. Consequently, I affirm that I have adequate health to participate in the activities and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to check with a physician of my choice about my health status if I have any questions about my fitness for participation. If at any time during participation I experience any physical distress, or have any questions or concerns regarding my participation, I will seek out a working staff member immediately. My participation in the activities is voluntary.

Those participating in the Soccer Tournament assume the following responsibilities:

  • I will adhere to the Soccer Tournament rules
  • I will comply fully with all rules, directions, and guidelines concerning physical activities and the safe use of equipment.
  • I will notify University officials immediately if any unsafe or hazardous situations or unsafe practices come to my attention.
  • I will stop participating if I feel I cannot continue safely.

While I participate in this event, I agree to follow the behavior guidelines outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and if I do not comply with those conditions, or any of the responsibilities outlined above, I understand this may result in dismissal from the event.

I agree to hold Grand Valley State University and Fraternity & Sorority Life harmless from any and all claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including attorney’s fees brought as a result of my participation in the 2024 Soccer Tournament.

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Page last modified March 27, 2024