What is Global Learning?

The GVSU Definition of a Globally Educated Student: Globally educated students are students who have internalized the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to operate effectively in an interconnected changing world of diverse ethnicities, religions, languages, institutions, and cultures.

Grand Valley is working hard to understand and implement aspects global learning at GVSU. This fall, eight faculty members attended AAC&U's conference on global learning in Providence, Rhode Island in October.

Global Learning Rubrics

Here are examples of rubrics that may be used in assessment of courses or assignments incorporating global learning outcomes.

These have been used with permission from Assessing Outcomes and Improving Achievement: Tips and tools for Using Rubrics, edited by Terrel L. Rhodes. Copyright 2010 by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. For more information, please go to AAC&U's Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education.

Global Learning in the Majors:

Global Learning in the Majors, Examples

Introduction to COIL: Exploring International Collaborations for Your Courses 


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