Meeting the MTH 110 Prerequisite

Initial Mathematics Placement

Our goal is that during your first year at GVSU, you enroll in the correct mathematics or statistics course that fits your academic plans and your background.  As a first step, when you are admitted, an initial mathematics placement is determined based on your mathematics subscore on the ACT or SAT exam.  There are four possible initial placements:

  • Ready For MTH 097: You may enroll in MTH 097.
  • Ready For MTH 110:  You may enroll in MTH 097 or MTH 110.
  • Ready For Courses Requiring Introductory Mathematics:  You may enroll in most courses in the General Education Mathematical Sciences Foundations category (including CIS 160, GPY 200, PHI 103, STA 215, and MTH 122, 125, 131, and 221).
  • Ready For Courses Requiring Advanced Mathematics:  You may enroll in any of the courses in the General Education Mathematical Sciences Foundations category, including MTH 201 (Calculus).


Mathematics Proficiency Testing

Mathematics proficiency testing is available to change your placement.  There are proficiency tests for MTH 110 (Algebra), MTH 122 (College Algebra), and MTH 123 (Trigonometry).  Testing is free, and results are available immediately.  For more information, visit

MTH 110 is the prerequisite to every course in the Mathematical Sciences Foundation.  The MTH 110 prerequisite is fulfilled by one of the following:

  • Successfully complete MTH 110
  • Initial mathematics placement of “Ready for Introductory Mathematics" or "Ready for Courses Requiring Advanced Mathematics"
  • Pass the MTH 110 proficiency test
  • Transfer credit for MTH 110, 122, 123, 125, 201, 202, 203, 225 or 302
  • AP credit for MTH 201 and/or 202  (Score of 3 or higher required.)
  • CLEP credit for MTH 122 or 201

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