Mission of the General Education Program

The Grand Valley State University General Education Program provides a broad-based liberal education experience that fosters lifelong learning and informed citizenship. The Program prepares students for intelligent participation in public dialogues that consider the issues of humane living and responsible action in local, national, and global communities.

Vision of the General Education Program

Grand Valley State University students avail themselves of the broad range of opportunities offered through the General Education Program to

  • Develop the essential skills of creative and critical thinking and information literacy, and articulate expression through effective speaking and writing 
  • Enhance their knowledge of
    • Major areas of human investigation and accomplishment: the arts, the humanities, and the mathematical, natural and social sciences
    • Their own cultures and the cultures of others
    • The tradition of humane inquiry that informs moral and ethical choices
  • Strengthen their ability to integrate different areas of knowledge and view ideas from multiple perspectives.

The Grand Valley State University community, including students, faculty, staff and administration, values and strongly supports the General Education Program. The General Education Program is recognized within GVSU and beyond for the breadth, depth and coherency of its courses, the quality of teaching and learning in its courses, and the Program's commitment to continuous improvement.

A committed and engaged General Education Committee provides strong, visionary leadership for the program. Through its effective working relationships with GVSU's academic units and strong connections with GVSU students and alumni, as well as employers of GVSU students, the General Education Program assures that its evolving offerings continue to be effective and relevant in a changing world.

Values of the General Education Program

We value collegial relationships, characterized by respect, trust, and transparency, with faculty, students, academic departments, and administration.

We value inclusion, recognizing that a critical factor in the success of the General Education Program is the active engagement of GVSU faculty, staff, students, alumni, and employers.

We value continuous improvement based on evolving knowledge, assessment processes, and changes in the local and global environment in which we operate.

We value excellence in teaching and learning.

Page last modified August 7, 2014