League Officers

Farewell to the 2021 Golf League Season
It was a great return to league golf following the COVID intermission. Everyone enjoyed the usual highs and lows throughout the golf season. Never a dull round at The Meadows! Cheers to our family of leaguers. Stay well, and we look forward to seeing you next season.

Gary Kesler

SECRETARY: Gary Kesler
Kesler Ink
Phone: (616) 635-9891
Email: keslerink@yahoo.com

Mick Doxey

GVSU Retiree
Phone: (616) 498-3693
Email: doxeym@gvsu.edu

Ester Burns

EX-OFFICIO: Ester Burns
GVSU Retiree
Phone: (616) 990-2963
Email: burnse@gvsu.edu