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Newsletters & Supplemental Materials

The FSBC produces a newsletter annually which is sent to all faculty at the end of the academic year.  The newsletter has evolved over time.  Originally it was a reporting on faculty salaries only.  Below is a link to recent newsletters and supporting materials.

2017-2018 Newsletter          Additional 17-18 data (salaries by rank and discipline)
2016-2017 Newsletter          Additional 16-17 data (salaries by rank and discipline)
2015-2016 Newsletter          Additional 15-16 data (salaries by rank and discipline)
2014-2015 Newsletter          Additional 14-15 data (salaries by rank and discipline)
2013-2014 Newsletter
2012-2013 Newsletter
2011-2012 Newsletter
2010-2011 Newsletter
2009-2010 Newsletter
2008-2009 Newsletter          Data
2007-2008 Newsletter
2006-2007 Newsletter
2005-2006 Newsletter
2004-2005 Newsletter
2003-2004 Newsletter
2002-2003 Newsletter
2001-2002 Newsletter
2000-2001 Newsletter