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The following are memos sent by the FSBC organized by year.  At the end of each year are also included Memos to FSBC from ECS and the Provost. Also of interest may be the enrollment reports for each semester available at


September 27, 2017    To: ECS          Re: Annual Salary Adjustment Request    Response
September 27, 2017    To: ECS          Re: Student Membership    Response
November 11, 2017      To: ECS          Re: Adjunct Pay    Response
December 1, 2017       To: Provost      Re: Special Salary Adjustment
December 1, 2017       To: ECS          Re: Progress Report
March 5, 2018             To: Vice Pres  Re: Announcement of Health Plan Design Changes
From: ECS
From: Provost


September 9, 2016    To: ECS          Re: Promotional Increments
September 30, 2016  To: ECS          Re: Annual Salary Adjustment Request
October 12, 2016       To: President  Re: Healthcare for Faculty on Part-time Appointments 
October 26, 2016       To: President  Re: Vice President Search
December 2, 2016     To: Provost     Re: Resource Analysis of Units
December 2, 2016     To: ECS          Re: Progress Report
March 13, 2017         To: Benefits     Re: Retirement Funds
April 6, 2017              To: Benefits     Re: Letter of Appreciation
From: ECS
From: Provost


October 1, 2015         To: ECS        Re: Annual Salary Adjustment Request
October 1, 2015         To: DSR        Re: Proctoring make up exams
October 1, 2015         To: ECS        Re: Student representation on FSBC
December 9, 2015     To: ECS        Re: Benefits for Part-time faculty
December 9, 2015     To: ECS        Re: Progress Report
January 22, 2015       To: R&D        Re: Administrative Manuel Language on Sabbaticals
March 21, 2016          To: Provost   Re: Faculty Salaries
April 5, 2016               To: Provost   Re: Thank you for Fulbright Support
April 13, 2016             To: Provost   Re: Financial Aid Spending
April 22, 2016             To: ECS        Re: Cost of Graduate Programs
April 28, 2016             To: ECS        Re: Support of FPPC Recommendations
From: ECS
From: Provost


October 3, 2014          To: ECS        Re: Annual Salary Adjustment Request
November 12, 2014    To: SMT        Re: Mid-Year Salary Adjustment
March 17, 2015           To: ECS        Re: Fiscal Support for Sabbaticals
March 24, 2015           To: FPPC      Re: Part-time Faculty
From: ECS
From: Provost


September 27, 2013   To: ECS        Re: Annual Salary Adjustment Request
October 10, 2013        To: ECS        Re: Graduate Student Representation
November 8, 2013      To: ECS        Re: Sabbatical Funding
December 10, 2013    To: ECS        Re: Sabbatical Funding II
January 20, 2014        To: ECS        Re: Extra Compensation for Faculty
February 19, 2014       To: ECS        Re: Sabbatical Eligibility for Part-time Faculty
March 28, 2014            To: Provost   Re: Faculty Salaries
March 28, 2014            To: ECS        Re: Revisions Handbook Language on Sabbaticals
April 7, 2014                 To: UAC        Re: Resource Analysis Section for Self Study
April 18, 2014               To: Provost   Re: Recognition for Joe Godwin
From: ECS
From: Provost


September 21, 2012     To: ECS        Re: Annual Salary Adjustment Request
September 21, 2012     To: ECS        Re: Overload Compensation
November 2, 2012        To: ECS        Re: Support for Handbook Language
January 28, 2013          To: ECS        Re: Sabbaticals for Part-time Faculty
February 15, 2013        To: ECS        Re: Master’s of Philanthropy
From: ECS
From: Provost


January 16, 2012          To: ECS       Re: GE Program Change
March 31, 2012             To: R&D       Re: Master’s Speech Language Pathology
April 16, 2012                To: Deans    Re: Recognition for Marinus Debruine