Faculty and staff sketches

April 4, 2023 (Volume 46, Number 15)

five students dance hip hop style in a dance room in the Performing Arts Center

Students in Edgar L. Page's hip-hop class perform in the Haas Performing Arts Center. Grand Valley was listed with other health promoting institutions in an article published by the American Council on Education.

Photo Credit: Amanda Pitts

Faculty and staff members who have given presentations, were recognized for outstanding contributions or had their research published are detailed below. The campus community can submit a sketch online for future publication. 

In the News

Grand Valley was mentioned with other health promoting institutions that adopted the Okanagan Charter in an article published by the American Council on Education.


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences faculty and staff members Kris Pachla, Donovan Anderson and Kristin Hedges gave a presentation, "The CLAS Voyage: Reimagining a Liberal Education for All Learners," at the AAC&U Annual Meeting's Forum on Open Learning and ePortolios.

Laila McCloud, assistant professor of educational leadership and counseling, was a co-author of an article, "By Lack of Reciprocity: Positioning Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the Organizational Field of Higher Education", published in the Race, Research, and Policy Portal, sponsored by Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center. McCloud also was named a 2023 Emerging Scholar by ACPA College Student Educators International.

Ingrid Johnson, professor of health and physical education, was a co-author of an article, "Tweeting Your Way to Teaching Excellence," published in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Natalie Laudicina, assistant professor of biomedical sciences, was a co-author of a chapter, "Human Behaviour and the Pelvis," in an edited volume, Behaviour in our Bones: How Human Behaviour Influences Skeletal Morphology.

Al Steinman, professor at the Annis Water Resources Institute, was reappointed to the Great Lakes Advisory Board. Steinman will chair the coastal resiliency work group, providing advice to the U.S. EPA’s Great Lakes National Program Office.

Brett Crawford, associate professor of management, was a co-author of an article, "From Catch-and-Harvest to Catch-and-Release: Trout Unlimited and Repair-Focused Deinstitutionalization," published in Organization Studies.

Daisy Fredricks, assistant professor of teaching and learning, was a co-author of a book, Core Practices for Teaching Multilingual Students: Humanizing Pedagogies for Equity, published by  Teachers College Press.

Patrick Colgan, professor of geology, wrote a book chapter, "Evidence of Glacier Recession," in Encyclopedia of Quaternary Sciences.

Laurence José, associate professor of writing, gave a presentation, "Critical Digital Literacies: Creating Points of Intervention to Challenge the Tech WYSIWYG," at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Chicago.

Mark Luttenton, professor and interim director of the Annis Water Resources Institute, gave a presentation, "Issues Related to the Nuisance Algae, Didymosphenia," for the Michigan Natural Resources Commission.


Faculty & Staff Sketches

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