Faculty and staff sketches

May 14, 2024 (Volume 47, Number 18)

two rows of people, one kneeling and one standing, in front of a projected sign: X Studio: explore, experience, experiment

Standing at left is Julie Goldstein, associate professor of film and video production, and students who collaborated on Project Grand Path.

Faculty and staff members who have given presentations, were recognized for outstanding contributions or had their research published are detailed below. The campus community can submit a sketch online for future publication. 

In the News

Alexey Nikitin, professor of biology, was interviewed by the Economist for a story about research he and others completed on the origins of language and culture of ancient people who lived in what is now knows as Ukraine.

Kara Van Dam, chief executive of GVSU OMNI, was interviewed by Leader Publications for a story about the partnership with Southwest Michigan College to offer GVSU bachelor's-level classes and degree programs there.

Melba Velez-Ortiz, professor of communications, Meijer Honors College, was interviewed by FOX 17 for a story about a guide dog handler survey in which most handlers reported that rideshare companies denied them rides when guide dogs were present.

Lesley Slavitt, executive director of the Dorothy A. Johnson Center, was interviewed by Crain's Grand Rapids Business for a story about sunsetting the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation.

Michelle Rhodes, associate vice president for Financial Aid, was interviewed by WOOD-TV for a story about how delays in the FAFSA have impacted college decision day.

Christian Glupker, clinical affiliate faculty of economics, was interviewed by WOOD-TV for a story about a study he led about the economic impact of the Ford International Airport.

Isa Grunwaldt, a senior studying public and nonprofit administration, was among 137 nationally recognized by ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge for its Student Voting Honor Roll. Students were recognized for their commitment to nonpartisan democratic engagement and their contributions to their local communities.

Julie Goldstein, associate professor of film and video production, will give a presentation about Project Grand Path at the upcoming SIGGRAPH Conference in Denver, Colorado. SIGGRAPH is considered the premier conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques. Goldstein said the presentation will focus on Project Grand Path's inclusive, multidisciplinary approach to applied project-based collaboration, utilizing cutting-edge digital toolsets as a way of enhancing the future student experience. 

Elena Lioubimtseva, professor of geography and sustainable planning, received a $30,000 grant from Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments, a University of Michigan-based NOAA CAP/RISA program to lead a project, "Elevating Youth Leadership And Peer-Learning To Support Climate Adaptation In West Michigan Lakeshore Frontline Communities." The project team includes faculty, staff and students from GVSU's Geography and Sustainable Planning Department, Regional Math and Science Center, Muskegon Community College and the West Michigan Environmental Action Council.


Faculty & Staff Sketches

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Faculty and staff sketches

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