Service award recipients to be honored at gathering

November 23, 2021 (Volume 45, Number 7)

Cook Carillon Tower at night with trees in front decorated with holiday blue lights

Grand Valley's Service Award and Holiday Gathering will be held December 2 in the Kirkhof Center.

Photo Credit: Valerie Hendrickson

Faculty and staff members are invited to the university's Service Award and Holiday Gathering, December 2.

The event will run from 3:30-5 p.m. in the Kirkhof Center, Grand River Room, with the awards ceremony beginning at 4 p.m.

Awards will be presented to people who have served 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45 years at Grand Valley.


10 years

Stephanie Aikens, Institutional Marketing

Jared Bachmeier, Facilities Services

Keri Becker, Athletics

Karen Burritt, Kirkhof College of Nursing

Aaron Caccamo, Procurement Services

Dianne Conrad (ret.), Kirkhof College of Nursing

Lindsay Corneal, School of Engineering

Abraham Eapen, University Counseling Center

Mario Fific, Psychology

Robin Getz, Academic Computing Services

Dan Halling, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Kelly Heid, Geology

Andrew Hinsch, Seidman College of Business

Ronda  Huster, Alumni Relations Office

Alexander Jacobsson, Education Programs

Patrick Johnson, Meijer Center for Writing

Elizabeth Joyce, Information Technology

Christopher Kantner, Music, Theatre and Dance

Laura Kapitula, Statistics

Courtney Karasinski, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Jason Karel, Facilities Services

Lisa Knapp, Career Center

Tara Kneeshaw, Geology

John Lipford, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Alexandra Locher, Biology

Marion Mathisen, Institutional Marketing

Anthony Mayberry, Seidman Student Academic Services

Carrie  Morris, Music, Theatre and Dance

Oindrila Mukherjee, Writing

Leslie Muller, Seidman College of Business

Alyson Murphy, Charter Schools

Julie Oldham, Small Business Development Center

Susan Palazzolo, Facilities Services - Grand Rapids

LeShell Palmer Jones, Radiation Therapy

Ernest  Park, Psychology

Molly Paulson, Physician Assistant Studies

Brianne Perez, College of Health Professions Student Services Office

Lisa Perhamus, College of Education

Kiersten Quilliams, University Libraries

Maniramprasad Ravikumar, Charter Schools

Martina Reinhold, Physician Assistant Studies

Matthew Roberts, Academic Computing Services

Michael Sciarini, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Melanie Shell-Weiss, Integrative, Religious and Intercultural Studies

Patricia Stephenson, Statistics

Victoria Stubbs, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Sara Sullivan, Facilities Services

Brent Swisher, Institutional Marketing

Robert Talbert, Mathematics

Casey Thelenwood, Padnos College of Engineering & Computing

Rebecca Thompson, Seidman College of Business

Jennifer Torreano, University Libraries

Meagan Treadway, Records and Registration

Krystal Vanden Bosch, Office of the Provost

Jessica VandenPlas, Chemistry

Troy VanKoevering, Office of Sustainability Practices

Jody Vogelzang, Allied Health Sciences

Heather Wallace, Public Health

Jill Weber, Charter Schools

Daniel  Weller, Office of the Provost

Joel Wendland-Liu, Integrative, Religious and Intercultural Studies

Heather Whitman, Biology

Daniel  Wiljanen, Seidman College of Business

James  Winkler, Athletics

Jennifer Winther, Biology

Anne Zalud, Financial Aid Office

Karen  Zivi, Meijer Honors College


15 years

Feryal Alayont, Mathematics

Donovan Anderson, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean's Office

Rebecca Bakale, Facilities Services

Michael Baxter, Biomedical Sciences

Amanda Brower, Housing and Residence Life

Luanne Brown, Payroll Office

Michelle Calkins, Writing

David Centers, Seidman College of Business

Hsiao-ping Chen, Visual and Media Arts

Julie Couturier, Johnson Center for Philanthropy

Robert Deaner, Psychology

Pamela DeGlopper, Records and Registration

Danielle DeMuth, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Cherilyn Denomme, Center for Adult & Continuing Studies

Andrea Dewicki, Accounting Office

Robert Downer, Statistics

Mihaela Friedlmeier, Psychology

Marcia Frobish, Mathematics

Daniel  Frobish, Statistics

Nykia Gaines, TRIO STEM Health Sciences

Noor Ghiasvand, Biology

Wei Gu, College of Education

Thomas Haas, President Emeritus, College of Education

Firas Hindeleh, Mathematics

Jeffrey Kozal, Biomedical Sciences

Gisella Licari, Modern Languages and Literatures

Colleen Lindsay-Bailey, Housing and Residence Life

Kathleen Loreth, Accounting Office

Gwyn Madden, Anthropology

Michelle McCloud, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean's Office

Michael Messner, Student Academic Success Center

Michelle Miller-Adams, Political Science

Erik Nordman, Biology

Christine O'Brien, Institutional Marketing

Tonya Parker, Movement Science

Danny Phipps, Music, Theatre and Dance

Rachel Powers, Chemistry

Jackie Rautio, CLAS Academic Advising Center

Michelle Rhodes, Financial Aid Office

Dawn Richiert, Biomedical Sciences

Tracie Samdal, Records and Registration

Brian Scull, Annis Water Resources Institute

Melissa Selby-Theut, University Counseling Center

Michael Shoemaker, Physical Therapy

Claudia Smith Kelly, Seidman College of Business

Joshua Stickney, Biomedical Sciences

Wanxiao Sun, Geography & Sustainable Planning

Robert Torres, Facilities Services

Pei-Lan Tsou, Cell and Molecular Biology

Glenn Valdez, Psychology

David VanDenBrink, Facilities Services

Jennifer VanderPoel, Diagnostic & Treatment Sciences

Bradley Wallace, Athletic & Recreation Facilities Management

Janine Warfield, Statistics

Quincy Williams, Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration

Gang Xu, Geography & Sustainable Planning

Richard Yidana, Sociology

Yi Zhao, Political Science

Donald Zinman, Political Science


20 years

Jacquelyn Abeyta, Center for Adult & Continuing Studies - Traverse City

Shorouq Almallah, Seidman College of Business

Louis Andreadis, Athletics

Prince Anyalebechi, School of Engineering

Rick Bierling, WGVU

Lisa Campione, School of Criminal Justice

Brett Colley, Visual and Media Arts

Amy Cone, Facilities Services

Grace Coolidge, History

Beth Courtade, Records and Registration

Jason Crouthamel, History

Ronald Dahlin, Meadows Golf Club

Patricia Davey, Records and Registration

Rebecca Davis, Kirkhof College of Nursing

Glenna Decker, Academic Computing Services

Hector Espitia Fonseca, Modern Languages and Literatures

Daniel Giedeman, Seidman College of Business

Carol Gielow, College of Education

Stephen Glass, Movement Science

Frederick Gravelyn, Facilities Services

Dianne Green-Smith, School of Social Work

Lisa Gullo, Meijer Center for Writing

Steven Hutchens (ret.), Facilities Services

Karen Ingle, Facilities Planning

Shelley Irwin, WGVU

Kimberly Kenward, Academic Computing Services

Sherie Klee, College of Education

John Lachmann, Facilities Services

Davidpaul Lemmen, University Budgets

Minh Lien, Department of Public Safety

Michelle Lintjer, Facilities Services

Leon Lou, Psychology

Rhonda Lubberts, Institutional Marketing

Kin Ma, Geography & Sustainable Planning

Nancy Mack, Mathematics

George McBane, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean's Office

Susan Mendoza, Center for Undergraduate Scholar Engagement

Melissa Morison, Classics

William Morison, History

William Mothersell, Seidman College of Business

Lisa Mulvihill, College of Health Professions Dean’s Office

Alexey Nikitin, Biology

Charles Pazdernik, Classics

James Penive, Facilities Services

Valerie Peterson, School of Communications

Laura Przybytek, Records and Registration

Melanie Retberg, Admissions Office

Mary Richardson, Statistics

Donijo Robbins, Public, Nonprofit and Health Administration

Douglas Robideaux, Seidman College of Business

Mark Rutledge, Facilities Services

Nancy Schoofs (ret.), Kirkhof College of Nursing

Alan Steinman, Annis Water Resources Institute

Jennifer Stewart, Sociology

Kate Stoetzner, Padnos International Center

Christian Trefftz, School of Computing

Guenter Tusch, School of Computing

Joan Visser, Padnos College of Engineering & Computing Dean’s Office

Vicki Wenger, Padnos International Center

William Winchester, Chemistry

Melissa Wright, Office of Sponsored Programs


25 years

Chris Barbee (ret.), Alumni Relations Office

Sheryl Barricklow (ret.), Information Technology

Lawrence Burns, Psychology

Arthur Campbell, Music, Theatre and Dance

Joseph Fisher, College of Education

James Flanders, Facilities Planning

Stephen Goldberg (in memoriam), Seidman College of Business

Mary Green, Physical Therapy

Carol “Griff” Griffin, Biology

Jerry Johnson, School of Social Work

Shelly Micho, Regional Math and Science Center

Sherry Moyer, Public, Nonprofit, Health, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Patricia Robinson, Johnson Center for Philanthropy

Kip Smalligan, Procurement Services

Robert Smart, Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence

Mark Staves, Cell and Molecular Biology

Tammy Tobar, WGVU

Keith Watts, Modern Languages and Literatures

Doug Wentworth, Auxiliary Services


30 years

Theresa Bacon-Baguley, Physician Assistant Studies

Deborah Barko (ret.), School of Communications

Suzanne Crampton, Seidman College of Business

Marinus DeBruine, Seidman College of Business

Caryn King, College of Education and Community Innovation Dean's Office

Paul Leidig, School of Computing

Michael Lombardo, Biology

Stephen Matchett (ret.), Chemistry

Jo Miller, English

Mark Moes, Philosophy

Deborah Morrow, University Libraries

Sean O'Neill, History

Paul Plotkowski, Padnos College of Engineering & Computing

Steven Schlicker, Mathematics

Kathleen VanderVeen, Division of Inclusion & Equity

Richard Weis, Visual and Media Arts

Diane Wright, Modern Languages and Literatures


35 years

Mary Albrecht, Office of the Provost

Thomas Beukema, Information Technology

Todd Carlson, Chemistry

Kristi Fosdick, Music, Theatre and Dance

Paul Johnson, School of Engineering

Linda Noel, Physics


45 years

Patricia Matthews (ret.), Biology

Sherry Bouwman, University Communications

Doug Kindschi, Kaufman Interfaith Institute



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