2022 Open Enrollment period begins soon

October 12, 2021 (Volume 45, Number 4)

The open enrollment period for annual benefits will run October 19-November 3.

Benefit-eligible faculty and staff members are encouraged to review benefit options and make adjustments during that period online at gvsu.edu/hro/benefitswellness. It's also an opportunity to sign up for [email protected], a voluntary, confidential and free three-month wellness coaching program.

Questions about annual benefits can be directed to [email protected], (616) 331-2220.

Open Enrollment includes opportunity to support students

In addition to benefit adjustments, keep GVSU students in mind during the open enrollment process.

At the end of the computer process, faculty and staff members will be invited to make or renew a gift to support students and their success.

“A little goes a long way,” said Paul Stephenson, co-chair of the Faculty and Staff Campaign and professor of statistics. “Faculty and staff gifts of any size work collectively to provide the extra help our students need to succeed. Lakers help Lakers. It’s just what we do.”

Whether you give to the Student Support Fund, an academic program or a scholarship, your gift matters and helps provide for students. 

Natalie Trent, co-chair of the Faculty and Staff Campaign and HRO specialist, said: “Your giving inspires other donors, and together, we make a significant difference. Corporations, foundations, community members and alumni all look to us to lead the way which is why our giving matters so much.”

For questions about the open enrollment giving opportunity, contact Jen Wardrop at (616) 331-6644 or [email protected]. Gifts can be made directly online at gvsu.edu/giving/give.


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