Faculty and staff sketches

February 20, 2024 (Volume 47, Number 13)

Denton Bobeldyk in purple shirt and tie and dark jacket

Denton Bobeldyk, assistant professor of computing,

Faculty and staff members who have given presentations, were recognized for outstanding contributions or had their research published are detailed below. The campus community can submit a sketch online for future publication. 

In the News
Denton Bobeldyk,
assistant professor of computing, was interviewed by WZZM-TV for a story about identifying artificial intelligence deepfakes in political commercials and elsewhere.

President Philomena V. Mantella was interviewed by the Lakeshore West Michigan for a Q&A about the university's role and its growth in Muskegon County.

Amirah Vosburgh, director of K-12 Connect, was interviewed by WOOD-TV8 about the tutoring program being named a vetted provider for K-12 districts seeking MI Kids Back on Track funds.

Al Shifflett, director of community engagement, Battle Creek Regional Center, was interviewed by JTV in Jackson for a story about the GVSU partnership with Jackson College to offer pathways to degrees in nursing. 

Erkmen Aslim and Daniel Montanera, assistant professors of economics, were interviewed by Crain's Grand Rapids Business for a story about health care employment. Their research was from the annual Health Check report that details health trends and risks for Michiganders.

Salvatore Alaimo,
associate professor of community and leadership development, gave presentations, "The Evaluation Capacity of Czech Nonprofit Social Services Organizations," at the annual conference of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action in Orlando, Florida; and "The Evolution of the Statue of Liberty: Determining Factors for Hypericon Status," at the International Conference on the Image.

Anthony Spencer, associate professor of communications, gave presentations, "COVID-19 and Government Trust: A Spiral of Silence Analysis in South America" and "Pandemic Migration: The Role of Media to and from Latin America," at the National Communication Association Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Paul Murphy, professor of history, gave a presentation, "Humanist Movements of the Early 20th Century," for the Michigan Humanists organization in Grand Rapids.

Eric Kunnen, senior director for IT Innovation and Research, gave a presentation, "Information Technology's Innovation and Research Ecosystem," at Krakow University in Poland. 

Laila McCloud, assistant professor of educational leadership and counseling, gave a presentation, "A Labor of Love, but I'm Tired: Exploring the Socialization of Multicultural Student Affairs Professionals," at the Association for the Study of Higher Education conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

William Neal, professor emeritus of geology, was a co-author of articles, "The Unsustainable Harvest of Coastal Sand: Sustainable Management Approaches are Needed to Protect Coastal Environments," and "Marine Plastic Pollution in the Anthropocene: A Linguistic Toolkit for Holistic Understanding and Action," published in Science and Ocean and Coastal Management, respectively.

Jeremiah Cataldo, associate professor of history, Meijer Honors College, wrote a book, Disembodying Narrative: A Postcolonial Subversion of Genesis, published by Roman and Littlefield.

Sarah Nechuta, assistant professor of public health, and former graduate student Sydney Sprau gave a presentation, "Prevalence and Maternal Characteristics Associated with Preconception Sexually Transmitted Infection Counseling in the United States, 2016-2020," at the American Public Health Association annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Faculty & Staff Sketches

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