Faculty and staff sketches

March 7, 2023 (Volume 46, Number 13)

group of students and staff members standing in two rows on a stage

Students and staff members from Grand Valley's TRIO programs are pictured at the MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit in Kalamazoo.

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Faculty and staff members who have given presentations, were recognized for outstanding contributions or had their research published are detailed below. The campus community can submit a sketch online for future publication. 

In the News

Ten TRIO staff members and 20 students attended the MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit in Kalamazoo. The conference focuses on empowering and engaging TRIO participants across the state of Michigan. Four students received MI-CAPP scholarships: Aisha Mohamed and Angel Secundino Rodriguez are from the Upward Bound Grand Rapids program, and GVSU students Erica Bernal-Ortiz and Jordan Cauvel participate in the TRIO Classic and STEM programs.

Grand Valley was named one of the 2023 Best Universities for Commuters for offering employees and students exceptional commuter benefits.

A song by Kirsten Strom, professor of art history, was recently released by the London-based indie label Glass on an album named “Glass Remade/Remodeled.” Strom's track, which is a cover of the song “Holiday” by The Jazz Butcher, recently aired on the BBC during Gideon Coe’s show.

Lisa Kenyon, professor of physical therapy, was interviewed by WOOD-TV 8 for a story about Grand Valley's power mobility project.

Grand Valley received seven awards from the NASA’s Michigan Space Grant Consortium for the 2023-2024 academic year. Four students earned Graduate Fellowships: Katelyn Anderson, Keely Dunham, Katherine Lucas and Kathryn Wilson; Madison Hinman earned a Faculty-Led Fellowship for Undergraduates; Karen Gipson, professor of physics, received funding for the 2024 Roger That! Symposium; and Diane Miller, business and community outreach coordinator for the Regional Math and Science Center, received funding to support the Energizing Our World Program.


Ed Aboufadel, associate vice president for Academic Affairs, wrote an article, "What College Administrators Can Learn From Political Campaigns," published in EvoLLLution.

Al Steinman, professor of water resources, gave a presentation on microplastics to the Alliance for the Great Lakes board of directors and staff in Chicago. Steinman was a co-author of articles, "Community Capacity in the Laurentian Great Lakes Basin: The Importance of Social, Human, and Political Capital for Community Responses to Climate-driven Disturbances," published in the Journal of Environmental Planning and Management; and "Progress Toward Restoring the Everglades: The Ninth Biennial Review," published in the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 

Bopi Biddanda, professor of water resources, was a co-author of articles, "National Parks in Spain are Failing to Protect Wetlands," published in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment; and "Lakes Effect: Multitude of Meltwater Lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet. Postcards from the Field," published in EOS.

Natalie Laudicina, assistant professor of biomedical sciences, was a co-author of an article, "Clavicle Length and Shoulder Breadth in Hominoid Evolution," published in the Anatomical Record.

Elizabeth Kovacs, department coordinator and adjunct professor of history and philosophy, wrote an article, "God Revealed to the Mind's Eye: Divine Intelligence in Formal Beauty," published in Theology and Science.



Faculty & Staff Sketches

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