Faculty achievements recognized during annual awards convocation

February 8, 2022 (Volume 45, Number 11)
Article by Michele Coffill

The annual Faculty Awards Convocation ceremony recognizes faculty members for their outstanding contributions and years of service to Grand Valley. 

The video premiered at noon on Tuesday, February 8. Details about award recipients are listed on the Provost Office website.

University Awards for Excellence were presented, along with awards from the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, and Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence. Milestone awards recognized faculty members with 25-45 years of service.

A list of award recipients is below.


University Awards for Excellence:

  • Internationalization Award: Steeve Buckridge, professor of history       
  • Outstanding Advising and Student Services Award: Adrienne Wallace, associate professor of communications
  • Outstanding Community Service Award: Lihong Jiao, professor of engineering
  • Outstanding University Service Award: David Huizen, associate professor of occupational safety and health
  • Distinguished Contribution in a Discipline Award: Corey Anton, professor of communications; Bopi Biddanda, professor of water resources, Annis Water Resources Institute
  • University Outstanding Teacher Award: Barbara Hooper, associate professor of nursing
  • Glenn A. Niemeyer Award: Wendy Reffeor, professor of engineering; Amy Schelling, associate professor of teaching and learning; Medar Serrata, associate professor of modern languages and literatures

Pew Awards for Excellence:

  • Burch, Jacobs & Moore Diversity Teaching Excellence Award: Andrea Riley-Mukavetz, assistant professor of integrative, religious, and intercultural studies
  • Pew Teaching Excellence Award for Adjunct Faculty; Gerald Brown, adjunct instructor of literacy, educational foundations, and technology
  • Pew Teaching with Technology Award: Beomkyu Choi, assistant professor of literacy, educational foundations, and technology; Jeroen Wagendorp, associate professor of geography and sustainable planning
  • Pew Teaching Excellence Award: Brian Bowdle, associate professor of psychology; Meghan Cai, assistant professor of modern languages and literatures; Lauren Keough, assistant professor of mathematics; Santos Ramos, assistant professor of integrative, religious, and intercultural studies; Susan Strouse, associate professor of nursing; Agnieszka Szarecka, associate professor of cell and molecular biology; and David Zwart, associate professor of history
  • Pew Excellence Award for Teaching and Learning Enrichment: Maya Hobscheid, assistant librarian, University Libraries

Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence Awards: 

  • Distinguished Undergraduate Mentoring Award: Martin Burg, professor of biomedical sciences
  • Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award: Sok Kean Khoo, associate professor of cell and molecular biology
  • Distinguished Early-career Scholar Awards: Kuhelika De, assistant professor of economics; Daisy Fredricks, assistant professor of teaching and learning; Laura Hawk, assistant professor of chemistry; and Sanjivan Manoharan, assistant professor of engineering

The following faculty members were recognized for achieving service milestones.

25 years: Lawrence R. Burns, Arthur J. Campbell, Joseph Fisher, Stephen Goldberg (deceased), Mary N. Green, Carol “Griff” B. Griffin, Jerry L. Johnson, Mark Staves and Keith E. Watts

30 years: Theresa Bacon-Baguley, Suzanne Crampton, Caryn King, Paul Leidig, Michael Lombardo, Stephen Matchett (retired), Jo Ellen Miller, Mark Moes, Deborah Morrow, Sean O’Neill, Steven Schlicker and Diane Wright 

35 years: Todd Carlson and Paul Johnson 

45 years: Patricia Matthews (retired)


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