New GVPD cruiser outfitted for Koda's safety

May 17, 2022 (Volume 45, Number 17)
Article by Michele Coffill

Koda has a new police cruiser specifically designed for K-9 dogs.

Kelsey Sietsema, GVPD canine and community police officer, said the inside of the cruiser is outfitted for Koda's safety. Koda, a black Labrador, was trained as an explosives dog and joined the Grand Valley Police Department in June.

Sietsema said instead of a regular back seat, the cruiser was fitted with a K9 transport insert that features a mounted water bowl and window fan. "It's an enclosed area for Koda, for her to sit or lie down while we drive around," Sietsema said. "She jumps right in and out of the cruiser and into her own space."

The car also has a heat alarm system to monitor the temperature inside the car. If the sensors detect it's too hot or cold, the cruiser activates the car's horn and sirens. 

"Essentially my cruiser begins to make a lot of noise to get someone’s attention to get Koda," said Sietsema, adding her cell phone and GVPD Dispatch are automatically alerted when the sensor activates.


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