Faculty and staff sketches

October 31, 2023 (Volume 47, Number 5)

Faculty and staff members who have given presentations, were recognized for outstanding contributions or had their research published are listed below. The campus community can submit a sketch online for future publication. 

In the News
President Emeritus Thomas J. Haas
was interviewed by Bridge Michigan for a story about the organization of board members at Michigan's largest universities. Haas is a distinguished professor in the Educational Leadership and Counseling program.

Greg Warsen, associate professor of educational leadership and Padnos/Sarosik Endowed Professor of Civil Discourse, was interviewed by WGVU about the upcoming fall symposium, "Calm the Chaos: Honoring all Voices in Public Education."

Todd Buckingham, visiting professor of movement science, was interviewed by Runner's World for a story about how the core affects running.

Jeffrey Rothstein, professor of sociology, was interviewed by FOX 17 for a story about how the UAW tentative agreement may change labor relations.

Cassonya Carter, senior academic advisor for KCON, received the 2023 Health Equity Champion Award from the Grand Rapids African American Health Institute at its annual summit. This award recognizes Carter's 18 years of support of GRAAHI through volunteering, participating on the advisory committee and co-chairing/participating in various events.

More than 30 faculty and staff completed a book discussion on Gail C. Christopher’s "Rx Racial Healing: A Guide to Embracing Our Humanity," a National Day of Racial Healing program sponsored by the Inclusion and Equity Institute. The group met five times from February to May, and shared a dinner in September. Callie Youngman, project specialist for Inclusion and Equity, said another healing circle program is planned for the winter semester.

The Simulation Center staff hosted more than 100 physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants at the Emergency Medicine Fall Symposium on October 24. Attendees represented 15 area emergency departments staffed by Emergency Care Specialists; they participated in simulations and utilized the immersive technology rooms in the DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health.

Karen Zivi, professor of political science, wrote an article, "Reason Enough to Hope? The Citational Practices and Disorienting Subjects that Make Menstruation a Matter of Human Rights," published in the International Journal of Human Rights.

Eric Ramsson, associate professor of biomedical sciences, was a co-author of an article, "Developmental Exposure to the Parkinson's Disease ...," published in Toxicological Sciences.

Political Science professors John Constantelos, Polly Diven and Whitt Kilburn wrote an article, "Can't Buy Me Love (with Foreign Aid)," published in the journal Foreign Policy Analysis.

Adrienne Wallace, associate professor of advertising and public relations, served as editor of a book, "Social Media Activism: Repression, Resistance, Rebellion, Reform," published by Routledge; Wallace was a co-author of an article, "Identifying the Determinants of Retweeting Behavior: A Computational Study of Heuristic-Systematic Model and Brand Communication on Twitter," published in the Kentucky Journal of Communication; and wrote chapters for two books, "Teaching Journalism and Media," and "Teaching Public Relations Campaigns in Pedagogical Resources."

Kirkhof College of Nursing faculty members Christina Quick and Della Hughes-Carter received a $195,000 behavioral health grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund for a project,  "Fostering Futures: Partners in Community, Behavior and Health."


Faculty & Staff Sketches

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