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Landecker Democracy Fellowship Deadline

Landecker Democracy Fellowship Deadline

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Sunday, July 17, 2022


Democracies are increasingly under attack as populist and racist ideologies as well as conspiracy myths and fake news are destabilizing societies in Europe and the United States. COVID-19 has further scaled social injustice and inequalities that have long existed. White supremacy, structural racism and other forms of hatred are among the forces that foster division and incite violence toward minoritized communities.

The Humanity in Action organization invites 30 changemakers with inclusive and innovative ideas for social cohesion to join the Landecker Democracy Fellowship. For this endeavor HiA looks for young leaders of diverse backgrounds to support them in their quest to build bridges through projects that enable our societies to unpack and address historic and contemporary systems of inequality. The intention is to support young professionals who have new ideas to form unique and lasting ties among communities that are increasingly drifting apart. 

From November to November, HiA brings together 30 changemakers who receive training and support, a stipend, and seed funding to implement projects that revolve around the challenges and opportunities of democracy in the digital age. Once accepted to the program, Landecker Fellows implement their projects. They receive support through a stipend of 10,000 Euro as well as project seed funding of 5,000 Euro. Humanity in Action also provides guidance, programming and supervision through a virtual and on-site training program throughout the year, including a virtual Action Academy in February and an in-person Action Academy in April. Landecker Fellows draw upon their existing networks and the new connections they make to implement their projects. In the process, they build a unique and supportive community of changemakers.

Fellows must be based in any EU member state, Ukraine, the United Kingdom or the United States. They must be born in or after 1980 and should show a strong record of civic engagement and leadership experience in their fields.

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For more information, please visit: http://www.humanityinaction.org/landeckerdemocracyfellowship/


For more information contact the Frederik Meijer Office of Fellowships at [email protected] or visit www.humanityinaction.org/landeckerdemocracyfellowship/

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