Make a Referral

We invite you to make referrals for potential nationally competitive award candidates to us! Simply email us at and we will inform students about various award opportunities and assist them with their preparations. 

Below are characteristics of students who may be good candidates to explore nationally competitive award opportunities. Additionally, there are numerous benefits to applying for these prestigious opportunities that prior applicants have listed below.

Good Indicators

• Student goes beyond coursework by reading journals or attending seminars

• You have a noteworthy mentoring relationship with this student

• Student conducts independent study or research

• Student displays leadership and/or participates in service, and aspires to make a profound difference

• Student has lived abroad and/or has an interest in studying abroad and learning other languages

• Student is among the top students you have encountered, generally with over a 3.7 GPA (for some awards)

• Student would take advantage of graduate work at a world-class institution

• Student demonstrates exceptional potential within and outside the classroom

Benefits of Applying

• Learn how to write and submit a nationally competitive award application

• Prepare for graduate school and professional school application process

• Develop parallel plans

• Define career and educational goals

• Discover one’s purpose and realize one’s potential

• Build confidence

• Apply for more nationally competitive awards

• Learn how to articulate individual strengths and weaknesses

• Engage in self exploration

• Develop stronger relationships with faculty, staff, and advisors

Note: This list has been adapted from contributing members of the National Association of Fellowship Advisors.