The US-UK Fulbright Commission offers special Summer Institutes for US citizens to come to the UK.  These summer programs provide the opportunity for US undergraduates, with at least two years of undergraduate study left to complete, to come to the UK on a three or four week academic and cultural summer program. Participants in these programs will get the opportunity to experience an exciting academic program at a highly regarded UK University, explore the culture, heritage and history of the UK and develop their academic ability by improving presentation, research, and communication skills.

What does the Summer Institute award cover?

The Fulbright Commission and the Institute host institutions work in partnership to provide the following:

  • Round-trip airfare from US to the host university in the UK
  • Accommodation and social programs
  • Tuition and fees at host university 
  • In some Institutes, small subsistence stipends e.g. food and drink 
  • Participants are expected to pay for their own travel, health, and accident insurance

Summer Institutes are designed in such a way with the hope that participants will come back to the UK at postgraduate or postdoctoral level as a Fulbright Student or Scholar.

Fulbright UK Summer Institutes

Former participants talk about their experience, both with the application process and taking part in the programme:

Key Details


  • Be a US citizen and possess a US passport
  • Have had little or no study/travel outside of the US or North America
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.7
  • Be at least 18 years old by the start of the program
  • Be able to participate in the program in its entirety
  • Have at least two years of undergraduate study remaining after the Institute finishes


The best applications are from well-rounded students who can demonstrate:

  • Strong academic ability
  • Ambassadorial skills
  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • Genuine desire to learn more about the UK and to share aspects of American culture
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Community involvement
  • Leadership potential
  • Plans to further the Fulbright mission and give back to the US upon returning

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