x80 and x99 Placeholders

UCC has approved the creation of x80 and x99 courses for all programs at GVSU. Effective immediately, a unit can schedule an x80 or x99 course even if they’ve never submitted a course proposal through Sail. UCC does not intend that the catalog be populated with every possible x80 and x99 course. Rather, the catalog will remain as it is, and only new x80 and x99 courses will be added as they are scheduled.

By default, an x80 will have the following attributes:
Description: Readings, lectures, and/or discussions in specific topics not normally covered by other courses in the program.
Credits: 1-3

Likewise, an x99 will have the following attributes:
Description: Hours, credit, topics, and time to be arranged with individual faculty members with approval of the department.
Credits: 1-3

Page last modified April 13, 2023