Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is responsible for matters related to graduate education at Grand Valley, to include (but not limited to):

     a)    To review and recommend actions upon new proposed graduate programs and/or revisions to current graduate programs.

            1)  New graduate program proposals, certificates and proposals for change to programs or certificates will be reviewed.  As program matters are reviewed by the GC, the proposers may be invited to participate in the discussion and review process.  Recommendations from the GC related to program matters will be transmitted via the online curriculum system. 

      b)    To review and recommend actions upon and, as needed, initiate policies and standards related to graduate education that ensure quality, consistency, equity, and fairness, while not impinging upon the disciplinary expertise and responsibility of the program faculty. This shall include matters related to admission, program progress, and completion for post-baccalaureate students in non-degree, certificate, and degree program statuses.

            1)  Recommendations regarding policy changes or new policies or standards for graduate education will be referred to the ECS for final action.

            2)  To identify and monitor quality indicators of graduate education.

      c)     To review and recommend actions upon requests for exceptions to university minimum standards or policies.

      d)    To review and recommend actions related to existing graduate programs at the time of assessment and/or program review and/or accreditation.

            1)  Existing graduate programs shall be reviewed by GC on a revolving and regular schedule, aligned with the UAC program review and external accreditation review (if applicable).  The review will employ quality indicators developed by GC that are outside of the normal UAC purview, but incorporate appropriate program materials submitted to UAC and FSBC.

      e)     To advise on allocation of university financial support for graduate students.

      f)     To call meetings of all faculty to discuss emerging issues in and strategic planning for graduate education at Grand Valley.

The chair of the Graduate Council for 2022-2023 is Amy Campbell.
The list of GC Representatives is updated annually.

Page last modified August 24, 2022