Cross Listing Courses Procedure

Cross-Listing Courses from UCC Memo

To:            College Curriculum Committee Chairs

From:       Robert Adams, UCC Chair

Subject:   Procedure for Cross-Listing Courses

Date:        October 19, 2012

“Cross-listing” permits a course to have two (or more) program designations (e.g., PSY and CHM).

Cross-listing a course involves completing either a New Course Proposal or a Course Change Proposal. When a course is first created, the New Course Proposal can indicate that the course will be cross-listed with another program. Alternatively, existing courses can be cross-listed by completing a Course Change Proposal. In either case, a letter of support from the unit head of the allied unit must be included with the course proposal.

A cross-listing proposal follows the same review process that any New Course or Course Change Proposal does. If a proposal involves units in two different colleges, then the proposal is only reviewed by the College Curriculum Committee of the unit authoring the proposal.

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