Pew FTLC - Personnel Portfolio Workshop


This three or five-day workshop is for faculty who are preparing for pre-tenure and tenure reviews, or for promotion. Working closely with faculty mentors, participants compose their Integrative/Reflective Statement and prepare other supporting materials for the portfolio in accordance with their college and unit personnel policies.

Silver Level Criteria

To earn a silver badge, serve as mentor for either a three- or five-day workshop. Mentors deliver learning sessions within the workshop and facilitate discussions. Mentors spend the bulk of their time providing individualized feedback to a small group of workshop participants. Submit a written reflection about the experience of serving as a mentor.

To earn a silver badge, participate fully in either a three- or five-day workshop. Participants usually devote at least 12-15 hours over the course of the workshop to work on their portfolios. The workshop includes designated meeting times as well as individual sessions with a faculty mentor over the course of the writing process. Submit your completed Integrative/Reflective Statement and a brief reflection about the workshop experience.


Christine Rener

Personnel Portfolio Badge

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