Pew FTLC - History of Inequality in the U.S.: Evidence and Teaching Tools


This short course provides faculty with a hybrid learning opportunity meant to expand knowledge regarding structural inequalities in the United States.  The semester-long course comprises 11 faculty-led video presentations, online conversations, and in-seat discussions.  Those who enroll and participate in the series will (a) increase their understanding of the history of structural inequality in the U.S., (b) gain tools for teaching about inequalities related to topics in the course, (c) identify interdisciplinary connections to their course content and disciplinary expertise, and (d) gain skills in inclusive teaching practices.

Silver Level Criteria

To earn a silver badge, view the majority of the video presentations and submit (a) a written reflection indicating the way(s) in which the short course content has been applied to your teaching and (b) evidence such as syllabus or assignment.  Deadline: December 31, 2018.

Gold Level Criteria

To earn a gold badge, complete the silver badge and then provide evidence of continued implementation or dissemination related to the short course content, either through a development of a new course, invited campus presentation, conference presentation or publication.  No deadline.


Christine Rener 

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Issued in 2018

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