Pew FTLC - Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring


The Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring Program is geared toward faculty beyond their first year. Small groups of faculty meet monthly with an experienced faculty mentor. The Pew FTLC provides suggestions for possible meeting topics, but mentors have the freedom to bring in articles, plan field trips, invite guest speakers to the meetings, etc. The groups are considered a safe space for discussion of any topic relevant to GVSU and faculty life. Confidentiality is a given. As such, mentees are matched with a mentor outside of their own academic discipline.

Silver Level Criteria

To earn a silver badge, participate fully in a yearlong Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring group.

As a participant, engage in the curriculum content and meet monthly for seminar-style discussions with a small group of new faculty and an experienced faculty mentor. At the completion of the program, submit a reflection on what was learned by participating in the mentoring group.

As a mentor, participate in professional development training, design topical agendas in response to participant interests, facilitate discussions, and connect participants with relevant resources. At the completion of the program, submit a reflection about the experience of serving as a mentor.

Gold Level Criteria

To earn a gold badge, complete either the silver badge and then collaborate with one or more of your Mentoring Program colleagues on a project such as the development of a new course, invited campus presentation, conference presentation or publication. No deadline.


Patty Stow Bolea

F2FM Badge

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