Libraries - Open Educational Resources Adoption


This series of badges demonstrate knowledge of open educational resources and how OER can be integrated into effective teaching practices.

Bronze Level

To earn a bronze badge, complete an online learning module or in-person workshop and write a short reflection. Content will include several components, including information and activities on OER in general, open licenses, and the benefits for students and instructors when faculty use OER.

Silver Level       

To earn a silver badge, complete a bronze badge and then identify and evaluate OER which you could adopt for a course you teach.  Review the OER (one OER that could replace a currently-used textbook, or 3 OER that could supplement a course), and share that review in an online platform, such as a personal blog or the Open Textbook Library.

Gold Level

To earn a gold badge, complete bronze and silver badges, adopt an OER for a course, and take the next step.  Make use of the permissions granted by open licenses to develop a teaching activity or lesson plan that involves reusing, revising, and/or remixing an OER.  Or, remix and republish your own OER. 


Cara Cadena


OER Adoption Badge