Libraries - Data Management


This series of professional development activities will advance understanding and practical skills for working with primary research data.

Bronze Level

To earn a bronze badge, attend an overview/orientation course on Library and University data management educational resources (e.g. web tutorials, LibGuides, Data Inquiry Lab, Big Data Initiative, FTLC Learning Communities, etc.) and respond to a follow-up feedback and improvement survey.

Silver Level       

To earn a silver badge, attend an instructional workshop on a focused data-management topic(s). Attendees will engage in group brainstorming and planning activities to develop a written non-binding self-contract to improve personal data management practices and formulate at least one related measurable goal to be incorporated into their current or next year faculty activity planning.

Gold Level

To earn a gold badge, attend or lead a semester-long Learning Community related to some aspect of data or data management, or participate in a multi-day institute (e.g., DHSI), workshop/intensive, or symposium, etc.. Within three months from the date of attendance formally present and share on what you learned and incorporated into your teaching or professional work at GVSU.


Cara Cadena 


Data Management Badge