eLearning - Blackboard Essentials


This badge represents successfully completing the Blackboard basics training. Further, this recognition establishes the recipient's ability to leverage tools to meet student’s needs in the areas of content delivery, communication, and providing gradebook feedback.

Blackboard Essentials Badge


  • Successful completion of seminar and submitted reflection.
  • Alternately, faculty with extensive Blackboard skills may request that an Instructional Designer review one or more of their Blackboard course sites. To pass this review, faculty must demonstrate each of the skills/tasks in the Blackboard Competency requirements. To claim a badge via this method, please use the claim button on this page and instead of noting when you attend the Essentials seminar, give specific information about which Blackboard courses you would like reviewed; please include department, course number, section number, and term. To count for review, it must be clear to the Instructional Designer that the setup of each Blackboard site was conducted by the faculty member in question (i.e. team-taught courses or courses with many sections and a course coordinator may not qualify). In addition, faculty must still submit a 300 word reflective statement about what plans they have for further use of Blackboard and its features.


End of the semester following the semester in which the badge-worthy activity took place.


Matthew Roberts

Learning Objectives

  • Access Bb and make their course available to their students

  • Identify and be able to use important Bb communication features (Announcements, Email, Discussion Board..etc)

  • Customize Bb course menu

  • Upload, edit or delete files in their Bb course  

  • Create and understand the differences between a folder or a learning module

  • Organize content within a folder or a learning module

  • Add an external web link in their Bb course

  • Add a mash-up or other multimedia content (YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare, Ensemble video..etc)

  • Create an online assignment

  • Access the Grade Center and have a basic understanding of how to navigate the Grade Center, as well as grade an online assignment