My feet are cold and I would like Cozy Toes.  Where can I buy them and who is responsible for paying for them?

Cozy Toes can be purchased at many online retailers including Amazon, and and are to be purchase by individual departments. 

What are some examples of requests for assistance that I should submit to Customer Service?

  • Temperature calls - my office is too hot or too cold.
  • Door problems - the lock on my office door doesn't work.
  • Recycling - I'm cleaning out files and need a large volume of paper picked up for recycling.
  • Spills - someone spilled a pop in the hall.
  • Moves/set-ups - I need several boxes of heavy materials moved across campus.
  • Special events - we need tables and chairs set up for an event.
  • Bulb replacement - the light in my classroom is flickering.
  • Roof leaks - water is dripping from the ceiling.
  • Event signs - I'd like signs put up for a campus event.
  • Hazardous waste - a student spilled something in a lab.

My student lives on campus and would like to report a problem in his/her room. How does he/she submit a work request?

Please ask the student to submit a work order on-line. If this is an emergency, call 331-3000.

How do I know if it is an emergency or not?

If a facilities situation jeopardizes an individual's safety or makes a facility unusable or uncomfortable (for example, gas leak, too hot, electrical or lock problems, etc.), please call 331-3000 for immediate assistance. If the request is a routine request (for example, bulb change or cleaning assistance, etc.) then submit the request on-line. If there is any doubt, please call.

What if I'm not sure which department within Facilities Services & Planning to contact?

Call Customer Service at 331-3000 - the staff will be happy to help direct your call.

Page last modified June 27, 2018