Purl Cobb Memorial Training Fund

All Facilities Services Staff, Public Safety, Pew Campus Operations, Pew Campus Security:

Are you looking to take a class – to either advance your current position at Grand Valley or for self-improvement?

Just a reminder the Purl Cobb fund is available to help you with your goals. If you take a course submit a reimbursement request to the Purl Cobb Committee. They will determine if you can be reimbursed for a portion of the class, books, or other costs related to the course.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the members of the Purl Cobb Committee, LuAnn Klinkers, Michelle Holstege, Rence Meredith or Dave Cox.

Purl Cobb Memorial Training Fund - History 

Application for Reimbursement

1. Employees are limited to reimbursement for two courses per calendar year and/or 1000.00 per calendar year.

2. Reimbursement may be issued for textbooks for courses, but not supplies that can still be used following completion of a class (cameras, computer equipment, etc.)

3. Mileage, meals and hotel charges while attending classes are not reimbursable expenses.

4. Before the request for reimbursement is approved, applicants must provide the following in order to receive reimbursement:

  • A receipt indicating the course fee, books and/or materials have been paid for and
  • Proof of satisfactory course completion.

5. Employees are to make arrangements with their supervisors for any time away from work needed to attend a course.  An employee will not be reimbursed for lost wages due to course attendance.

6. The committee reserves the right to approve or deny any reimbursement based upon the merits of each request.

It is strongly recommended that if an employee has a question about the eligibility of a request, he/she discuss it with a committee member before enrolling in the course.

Purl Cobb Memorial Training Fund Request Form



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