Red Flags

There are certain components or materials of research that may raise red flags for export control review. High risk areas often include research projects involving engineering, computer information systems, encryption, and space/satellite technology.  

The restrictions apply primarily to "dual use" technologies. Dual use technologies have beneficial use but also could pose risk to national security. Check the Commerce Control List at for a complete list for a detailed list.

High risk research areas:

  • Engineering
  • Computer information systems 
  • Encryption
  • Space and satellite technology

Troublesome clauses:

  • Restrictions on participation by foreign nationals
  • Restrictions on publication of research results
  • NDAs, MTA or other agreements that restrict access to materials or data

Foreign Involvement:

  • Training foreign nationals
  • Collaborating with non-U.S. colleagues in U.S. or abroad
  • Shipping (or transmitting) anything (prototypes/samples/etc) to a foreign country
  • Travel to a foreign country
  • Working with a country subject to a U.S. boycott

Unknown entities:

  • Private research sponsors-especially unknown, smaller entities or individual (need to be screened against restricted party lists)


Red flags for researches regarding export control

Page last modified March 27, 2019