Hispanic Heritage Celebration: Family and Community in the Aftermath of an Immigration Raid INT 100/201 APPROVED!

Thursday, October 7, 2021
4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Allendale Campus
Alumni, Community, Faculty, Staff, Students

Dr. William D. Lopez

Dr. William D. Lopez is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Healthand the author of the book, Separated: Family and Community in the Aftermath of an Immigration Raid. Dr. William D. Lopez details the incredible strain that immigration raids place on Latino communities—and the families and friends who must recover from their aftermath. As a Clinical Assistant Professor, William teaches a range of public health classes, including “Health Impacts of Immigration Law Enforcement in the U.S.” This class focuses on the violence of immigration enforcement on the individual, family, and community levels and asks what we, as researchers and advocates, can do to address it. Themes include militarized immigration raids, ICE and local police collaboration, routinized fear, the stigma of being targeted by ICE, and the links between the immigration advocacy and the Black Lives Matter movement. His current public health research considers 1) the ways in which fear of immigration enforcement impacts health service utilization in mixed-status communities and 2) community responses to large scale immigration work raids. 

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Location Information

Grand River Room, Kirkhof Center

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Contact Information

Office of Multicultural Affairs at 616-331-2177 or oma@gvsu.edu.


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