Permission Slips and Event Fliers

About our New Permission Slip

We have a new online permission slip for 2021-2022.  Rather than filling out separate permission slips for each individual trip or event, parents will only need to complete this form once per school year to grant permission for their son/daughter to participate in TRIO ETS activities. 

Please note, completing this form does not guarantee you a spot on all trips/events.  Some activities may have eligibility requirements or a cap on the maximum number of students who can attend.  We will provide you with instructions for what is required to sign up for each event.

2021-22 General Permission Slip

* denotes a required field

Student Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Emergency Contact #1

Emergency Contact #2

Medical Information

If you need to have a dose of your medication during the trip, please bring it with you to self-administer in the presence of TRIO Talent Search staff.

Transportation Policy

Pick-up & drop-off instructions will vary for each event.  TRIO ETS will notify students of transportation details via email, Remind 101, and/or the TRIO website.

Please note, we are not allowed to transport any students to or from their homes. Students wishing to take the city bus to or from a TRIO ETS event can request a bus pass from their TRIO ETS advisor.  Otherwise a parent or guardian will be expected to provide transportation for their son/daughter.

If a parent/guardian does not pick their son/daughter up after a trip or activity, and the student doesn’t have another way to get home, we will attempt to contact you via the phone number(s) you provided.  If we are not able to reach you, we will try to reach the emergency contacts you list above.  If we exhaust all other options and still cannot reach you, as a last resort we will contact GVSU Campus Safety Department and the police will assist us with trying to locate you.  

Fees & Co-Pays

All advising services are provided free of charge. However, optional field trips and activities will sometimes require students to pay a portion of the cost of food, transportation, or activities.

Trip fee / co-pay information will be presented to students prior to each trip via event flyers, email, Remind 101, or the event information on the TRIO ETS website.

For events where a fee or co-pay is required, the student will not be fully registered until their fee is paid.

If a scholarship is needed to cover the fee, this must be communicated with a TRIO Advisor in advance.

Medical Consent

Please read the following statements and sign below to give your consent.

As the parent, legal guardian, or foster parent of the minor child listed above, I hereby certify that the above information is the most up-to-date and correct to the best of my knowledge that I agree to the following as a condition of my child’s participation in the GVSU program or visit and related activities.

I give my permission to GVSU, St. Mary’s Hospital, Spectrum Health Care System, or any other health care providers close to the field trip site to provide, seek, obtain, or approve any routine, necessary, or emergency health care during the minor child’s involvement in the GVSU programs.  I understand that this authorization is given in advance of any specific diagnosis, or treatment or medical care being required and is to serve as specific consent to any and all such diagnosis, treatment or hospital care which  may be deemed advisable.  I understand my rights under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Acts (HIPPA) and authorize GVSU to release information as necessary for managing program health care.

I acknowledge that participation in the visit and related activities involves assumed and inherent risk of personal injury.  I assume such risk on behalf of the minor child and give my permission to the minor child to participate in all program activities.  I release and agree to hold harmless GVSU, its Board of Trustees, students, and employees from all claims, actions, damages and liabilities for personal injury or damage relating to or arising out of any activity except where the injury or damage is caused by the gross negligence of the University’s employees.  I understand that the minor child will be subject to the rules and regulations of the GVSU visit and related activity.  I understand that any person who repeatedly disobeys University policies or procedures, or those of the TRIO Talent Search program, will be immediately expelled from the program. 

Parent/Guardian Signature *

Click and drag with your mouse to sign.

Permission to Participate in TRIO ETS Events

Please read each of these statements and then sign below to give your consent.

I hereby grant permission for my child/dependent, the student named above, to participate in TRIO Educational Talent Search events and trips during the 2021-2022 school year. 

I, as well as my child/dependent, understand that all students participating in special events and trips will be responsible in conduct to the driver and to adult chaperones at all times.

I will not hold any school district, Grand Valley State University, the TRIO Educational Talent Search Program, or their employees, volunteers or agents responsible for any injury to my child that occurs during any trip taken in good faith.  

I understand that GVSU is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

I have read this entire minor child program release form. I fully understand it and I agree to be legally bound by it.

Parent/Guardian Signature *

Click and drag with your mouse to sign.

Photo & Video Release

Please read the following statements.  If you agree to these terms, which are optional and not required for participation in events and trips, please sign below.

I, the Parent/Guardian of the above named student, hereby authorize GVSU TRIO Educational Talent Search to:

  1. Take photographs, video, and/or electronic images of my child during the event or trip and use the student’s name in connection with these images/recordings.
  2. Use, reproduce, exhibit or distribute in any medium these recordings for any purpose that the University, and those acting pursuant to its authority, deem appropriate, including promotional or advertising efforts.

I give permission to GVSU, to use, without charge and without reservation, my child’s likeness in any medium and for any lawful purpose, including promoting the University, its programs and services.  I waive any rights of action I may have and release GVSU and its licensees from any and all claims I may have arising from my child’s likeness, including the rights to sue for defamation or violation of my rights of privacy and publicity.

Parent/Guardian Signature

Click and drag with your mouse to sign.

If you do not want your child's photo taken, please contact our office at (616) 331-7110 or 

To view individual permission slips and fliers for TRIO ETS's upcoming events, you may need to download Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is available at Adobe's website.



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