Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get to your office? 
We are located in The Depot, at 510 Fulton Street West in downtown Grand Rapids. Our office is on the block between Winter Ave NW and Seward Ave NW, near the train tracks. 

2. Where do I park? 
Parking is available on site. If you plan to park for an extended period of time, please ask our secretary for a visitor's pass.

3. Can TRIO Educational Talent Search help pay for college expenses?
We do not have money to give you for educational expenses. We can, however, arrange to have the admissions application fee deferred and we have ACT fee waivers in certain cases. You MUST be income-eligible to obtain fee deferments and waivers. We will help you fill out financial aid applications and we have information to assist you in seeking scholarships.

4. If I'm a high school graduate, can TRIO Educational Talent Search still help me get into college?
Yes. We are funded to serve people aged 11 and up. We can work with you as long as you have not received a Bachelor's or post-Bachelor's degree. Our target group focuses on grades 6 though 12 in our target schools.

5. Do I have to attend or plan to attend Grand Valley to access program services?
No. We work to find a school that fits our students on a personal level. Much like each and every one of the students we work with, each post-secondary institute is different; we will work to find the best one for our students.

6. Are there fees for your services?
No. We are funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Unless notified otherwise (ie: payments to reserve spots for certain events/trips, cover charges for off-site events, etc.), all of our services are free of charge. 


510 Fulton Street West, Grand Rapids, MI 49504-6495

Phone (616) 331-7110; Fax (616) 331-7115

Page last modified April 7, 2020