Quick Tip: Go to safe place and dial 911.

IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE: Once you have reached an area of safety, dial 911 and report what you observed.


  • Locate and activate the nearest fire alarm pull station.
  • Leave the area of fire immediately.
  • Once you have reached an area of safety, dial 911 and report what you observed.


  • Rescue others and remove yourself.
  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station.
  • Confine the fire by closing doors.
  • Extinguish small fires if you can, otherwise evacuate.

Fire Alarms

When the fire alarm sounds, you must leave the building immediately. Faculty/staff should be prepared to account for their students.

  • Close all windows and doors. Shut off lights.
  • Follow emergency evacuation route procedure.
  • Do not use elevators during a fire alarm. Use the nearest stairway.
  • Remain calm and walk. Do not run.
  • Go to the designated meeting place. Once outside the building, keep at least 100 feet away from the building and any emergency vehicles.
  • Notify emergency personnel (dial 911) of any persons with disabilities requiring assistance. Persons with disabilities should go to the nearest stairwell and wait for emergency rescue personnel.
  • Do not enter the building until police or fire personnel have given an "All Clear."

In the event of a false alarm, notify GVSU police at (616) 331-3255.

Fire Extinguishers

It may be possible to put out a small fire using a portable fire extinguisher.

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm pull station.
  • Do not take unnecessary risks or put yourself in danger.
  • Stay at least six to eight feet away from the fire.
    Use the PASS procedure to deploy the fire extinguisher:
    • Pull the pin.
    • Aim at the base of the flame.
    • Squeeze the lever.
    • Sweep the extinguisher slowly back and forth.

If the fire is not put out by the fire extinguisher, leave the area immediately.

Page last modified August 21, 2015