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Education Program growth amid teacher shortage

January 12, 2022

Education Program growth amid teacher shortage

Dr. Amy Schelling, Associate Dean of GVSU’s College of Education and Community Innovation and the Director of Teacher Education, was interviewed on WOOD TV8 on January 12, 2022. In the interview, Schelling revealed that GVSU's education programs are growing amid the teacher shortage. See the full interview on the WOOD TV8 website.

Schelling explained there are multiple factors that affect the teacher shortage that has grown over the past few years. This includes changes in teacher evaluations in schools, revisions to teacher pensions and benefits, and the many challenges that teachers continue to face in the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, a population decline over the past 20 years means fewer high school graduates are entering the profession.

Schelling stated, “If we look at the barriers and challenges with WHY people aren't going into the profession, as opposed to there aren't enough people to GO into the profession, we come up with solutions that will best serve our PK-12 student population.”

By focusing on elevating the teaching profession, enrollment at GVSU is increasing despite the teacher shortage. "Our numbers and our enrollment in our Education program has remained pretty steady, and we actually saw an increase in enrollment this year," Schelling said.

This is a testament to the quality of GVSU's programs and emphasis on maintaining strong partnerships with teacher preparation institutions, school districts, communities, the Michigan Department of Education, and the state legislature. Working together, conversations can lead to appropriate entry-level salaries, improved workplace conditions, and better advocacy for teachers.

Additional information on the teacher preparation programs can be found on GVSU's Education Programs website.


Article written by Alex Jacobsson. For more information on this story, contact the Office of Certification and Accreditation - (616) 331-6650.

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