Current Students

Programmatic Goals

  1. Active participation in a national level professional meetings:
  2. Participation in community or professional service

Career Options

Sonographers are in demand and find employment in a variety of settings, including clinics and physician offices, traveling ultrasound services, research institutions, and hospitals. To find sonography-specific positions, search the following resources:


Students working toward a B.S. degree in radiologic and imagining sciences with a major in diagnostic medical sonography from GVSU become eligible for the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS) examinations specific to the concentrations completed. Eligibility for ARDMS examinations is achieved upon completion of 1680 contact hours (which occurs in November or December of the senior year before graduation the following April). Graduation is not contingent on passing ARDMS examinations. 

Individuals who have been involved in a criminal proceeding or charged with or convicted of a crime may not be eligible for national certification by the ARDMS. Student are strongly advised to work the ARDMS for pre-application review of eligibility for certification from their website or call 301-738-8401 for more information.