Dr. Scott Grissom

Scott Grissom

Contact Information

Office: C-2-120 MAK

E-mail Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: (616) 331-2088

Research Interests

My areas of interest include computer science education as well as human computer interaction. Research questions might include, what are effective strategies to help students learn the concepts and skills of computing? How do we determine if an application or website is easy to use?

Professional Activities

Beyond my passion for teaching, I serve as Assistant Director for the School of CIS. Some of my responsibilities include helping students navigate the GVSU requirements for graduation including course substitutions and similar paperwork. I am glad to answer any questions. If I don’t know the answer I either direct you to someone else or I simply make up a good answer.

Personal Interests

You may see me walking on the Allendale campus every day. My fitbit goal for 12,000 steps per day is a major influence in my life. I miss this goal about one day per year! You may also see me at many Laker sporting events including football, soccer and volleyball. I have attended at least one competition for every one of our twenty varsity sports. I even attended the 2018 national championships in cross country and soccer with President T. Haas.

Teaching Interests

I taught CIS 162: Computer Science I and CIS 368: Usability Design for many years. More recently I have been teaching CIS 290: Professional Responsibilities and Practices as well as CIS 101: Thriving in Our Digital World.

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