Dr. Erik Fredericks

Erik Fredericks

Contact Information

Office: D-2-210 MAK

E-mail Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: (616) 331-4374

Research Interests

I am interested in the application of evolutionary computation to cyber-physical systems, specifically those that can be modeled as self-adaptive systems (SAS). In doing so, I’ve been researching how software engineering techniques can be augmented with evolutionary search, specifically in the areas of software modeling, requirements analysis, and run-time testing. 

Professional Activities

Continuing service to journals, conferences, and various workshops. Please see this link for a full list.

Personal Interests

Hockey; Figuring out how many different things I can do with a Raspberry Pi for projects at home. research and for class demos/projects; Learning new tools and techniques for video game design yet never finding enough time to complete one (but at least being able to demonstrate cool things to students); Traveling to Europe whenever possible. 

Teaching Interests

System administration, video game design/computer graphics, software engineering, web design, & Software engineering special topics (search-based software engineering coupled with cyber-physical systems)

Research Projects with Students

  1. Search-based software engineering on cyber-physical systems (investigations using Arduino/Raspberry Pi, Robot Operating System (ROS), and Unity). 
  2. Searching for Zoom privacy violations on Twitter

Grants and Fellowships

Michigan Space Grant Consortium – Research Seed Grant

GVSU Kindschi Fellowship

GVSU OURS Remote Undergraduate Assistant

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